Privacy Policy for Addons Detector

Version 2: 2016-10-15

First of all: we do not collect any personal information. We are only interested in the scanned apps, and not in you. We value privacy very much, and we assume you do too!

If you upload a scanresult (which is a opt-in functionality) we collect and transmit the following information:
- Addons Detector version information
- General app data from each scanned app
- More detailed app information from a few of your apps. (max 50kb if on mobile data, max 500kb if on wifi)

General app data consists of:
- App identifiers: name, package, version information
- Detected addons, app permissions,
- Install date
This is the exact same data as a exported scanresult

More detailed app information consists of:
- Detailed information about what's inside the apk file (the app install file). This information helps us finding new addons.
The APK file is the file you download from the Play Store. It does not contain any information about you or what you did with the app. In fact, all users of a app have the same apk file if they have the same version.

Live Scanner:
- If uploading is enabled, results are uploaded once per 24 hours.

- All uploads are done over HTTPS secured connections.

Privacy concerns:
If you upload a full scanresult you are sending us a complete overview of all the apps on your device. We consider this private information, and we do not store this relation between apps in our database. We also never will because that's your information, not ours.

We hope this explains what we collect from you, if you have questions, let us know!

Team Addons Detector

Version 2: 2016-10-15: Updated mobile data limit to 50KB (from 25KB) and WIFI limit to 500KB (from 50KB) due to apps becoming larger and larger. NO personal data is collected!
Version 1: 2014-05-22: initial version